Shame, Shame; Fame, Fame?

Expectation! Excitement! Trepidation.

All at Strathaven Choral await this evening’s Radio 3 broadcast of 2015’s Adopt a Composer piece ‘Shame, Shame, He DIes for His Country’ created for us by Mark G Carroll and premiered by SCS in St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow in June as part of the West End Festival.

We should be tucked in around 2130, in between this evening’s ‘Radio 3 In Concert’  at featuring the BBC SSO conducted by Vassily Sinaisky in music by Glinka, Shostakovich and Ravel, commencing at 1930, and ‘The Verb’, which is scheduled for 2200.

You can still read our blogs reflecting on our experience of Adopt a Composer as we first encountered the piece, through rehearsals and also Mark’s reflections immediately post performance.  I wonder how time will have altered perceptions?

If you miss the transmission, you can, of course, catch it on iPlayer.



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