Shame, Shame, 3

Those of you who listened to the BBC Radio 3 feature about Strathaven Choral’s experience of Adopt a Composer, will recall a pleasing blend of music and interview.

Since the broadcast, we’ve received some requests to hear the full piece, without the interviews.  Always ready to please, we now present a recording of last year’s premiere of ‘Shame, Shame’,  Setting the scene, you can also listen to MD, Christopher Barr’s introduction and composer Mark G Carroll’s comments:

Christopher Barr

Mark G Carroll

Shame, Shame

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3 thoughts on “Shame, Shame,

  • Webwifie Post author

    While this piece is unlikely to become an instant standard in choral repertoire, the learning process was fascinating and thought provoking. We grow through the exploration of the unfamiliar and the taking of risks.

  • Larimer

    Listening to this quite unique piece, both live and in the recording, was unsettling … and moving. At times it seemed as if there were waves of sound going to and fro, like trees being bent by wind ; at others, as if branches – and more – were falling into brokenness and chaos. And in the middle, the audience could really feel the distress of Strathaven folk in hard and turbulent times. The linking motifs between Northumberland and Lanarkshire, in the form of the two lovely folk tunes, formed a very poignant baseline to the development of a complex and disturbing whole.