Help Make Our Mozart Requiem Special

We’ve been working hard since August, not only rehearsing the beautiful music of Mozart’s final masterpiece, but also raising additional funds to make sure that our concert will do justice to this glorious piece.

Readers familiar with the Requiem will no doubt know that its performance merits the best professional soloists and benefits tremendously when singers are complemented by the musicians of an orchestra of quality. To make sure that our audience can enjoy a memorable June evening in St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow’s Great Western Road, our singers have been busily fundraising by baking, jam making and through a most enjoyable Race Night (all in addition, of course, to our usual annual subs) but we would still love to hear from any individual or business who would like to make a donation, or sponsor a fiddle, soprano or even a whole band.

If you would like to help, get in touch via our Contact page, Twitter @theSCS , or on Facebook.

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