Duben Magor for Strathaven!

Czech composer Duben Magor to create a new work for Strathaven Choral Society.

Singers are excited and amazed by the surprise announcement but remain undaunted by the challenge of working with the renowned musician, conductor and composer.  An unnamed soprano admitted:

‘I have to confess that I hadn’t actually heard of Duben Magor but a quick google and I was gobsmacked!’.

Some of the men of the ensemble expressed concerns at having to tackle a new piece in the Czech language as Duben is renowned for his commitment to his native tongue but on balance, reckoned that they are up to the challenge.

Like many amateur choirs, Strathaven can struggle to fill the tenor and bass seats so to ensure that the Choral Society can deliver a big, al fresco sound, early auditions are scheduled to be held among patrons of the local Rugby Club, the Buck’s Head, the Weaver’s and the Star Bar.

The finished work will be premiered at the ‘world’s greatest music festival’. As the official launch of the 2016 programme is still some weeks away, the Festival cannot be named. However, it is safe to say that it will include major concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and at additional venues throughout the UK.  Previous outdoor venues have included Hyde Park, London, Glasgow Green, Singleton Park, Swansea and the Titanic Slipway, Belfast.

Explaining how Strathaven had now been chosen to feature in 2016, spokeswoman Avril Broma commented:

“Reaching into the lives of people, beyond the big cities and into the heart of small, rural communities is part of our long term strategy.  The local Choral Society has a reputation for being ready to try new things and, through Adopt a Composer, has had recent experience of working with a composer on the evolution of a new work. These are exciting times for all of us.”

It is understood that Ms Broma, accompanied by Duben Magor himself and conductor Mario Scherzo are due to be in Strathaven this morning to select the venue for the September Concert. Strathaven Park, Alison Green and the Common Green are all said to be strong contenders.

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