We Had a Ball! 2

Rarely is the first person plural pronoun employed in this blog but, judging from the vibes among the singers, musicians – and audience, last night’s concert was enjoyed by all.

Nestling among the first altos, the biggest difficulty was choosing my favourite moment, the Shearing, Euan Stevenson’s new piece or the glory of Vivaldi.  Highlights of the Gloria were provided by our soloists Joanna Norman and Lynn Bellamy and by organist David Hamilton.  And we all sat back to delight in performance of Euan Stevenson and Konrad Wiszneiski, New Focus.

Despite my opening pronoun, this post is only my opinion.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and let us hear yours.

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2 thoughts on “We Had a Ball!

  • Maria

    Thoroughly enjoyed it all and loved Konrad’s final flourish in the Shearing. Think I need to learn to relax a bit and get into the swing. It’s never to late!

  • Dave

    The concert last night was a bit
    special. The jazz duo was outstanding, the soloists were excellent,
    the choir was (as ever) on top form and, though the programme was an
    unusual mix, ’twas all the better for that. Not to mention the fine
    playing of a fine organ – I’ve never thought much (if at all . . .)
    about the “sound” of an organ but that one last night hit one from
    the off – just right for the venue. Thanks and congratulations to all.