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Singing is a Serious Business!

Another of our singers has taken some time during this lockdown, to reflect on her life through music and, as we have two enchanting photographs, I thought it might be interesting to leave her name until the end, giving you an opportunity to match the pictures with the author.

Music has been in my life for as long as I remember as my mum sang in the church choir and was a lovely alto. That is where the similarity ends. When I was a child in Mossend the Sunday School I attended held a special celebration for our Anniversary every year and the pupils all sang . I loved that and even sang solo.

All smiles.

Later when I was at school the German teacher used to teach us German songs and the teacher could not sing a note so I had to start the singing.

When I was 13 I joined the church choir and sang alto and have done so ever since.  It was a ladies choir and we sang at the church service but also went round women’s guilds etc. I enjoyed that especially the after concert tea. When I was in my late teens  several of the churches in the area got together and we had a concert party. Actually one of our past members was also a member of that. I can tell you that it was a long time ago when the name of our group was ‘The Young Ones’.

After I was married and had children I had to give up the church choir as Norman (my husband) worked odd hours and I had no one to babysit the girls. In 1966 we came to live in Hamilon and shortly afterwards I joined the church choir in Cadzow Parish church but once more had to give it up as I had no one to babysit. 1n 1985 the girls were  old enough to look after themselves and I joined the choral society which I have enjoyed very much and like the mixture of music we sing.

During this time I joined the French choir in the Alliance Francaise in  Glasgow but it was really quite a small group with only two altos and as I did not really find them friendly I gave that up but in 2009 I joined the Ace choir with my daughter but having to travel to Partick every Tuesday night I found a bit of a drag especially as we had trouble parking and I was not happy on the nights I had to travel alone. It was a  big change as there were 150 in that choir at the concert in the Armadillo. That was a good and enjoyable experience but my daughter found it quite frightening as we had to learn to sing without music. I have to say that the best experience I have had with my music was when in 1997I took part in The Big Sing in the Royal Albert Hall with the English Festival chorus and the Phoenix Boy’s Choir conducted by Sir David Willcocks . I We did Carmina Burana and were allotted our seats. I was seated next to a woman from Bearsden. Another coincidence was that although I did not know it at the time I knew her husband through the Boys Brigade . It was not till many years later we were at a BB dinner in the house of Lords when I realised I recognised her with her husband. It’s a small world . Long may I be able to carry on.

Elizabeth Batty

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  • Elizabeth Batty

    What I forgot to say was that I rejoined the Cadzow Church choir and have been singing with them ever since and with Eddie leading us have enjoyed that very much. we have a wide range in our singing and the only thing we lack is men but with Eddie and Bob in the tenor section, June, and Janice in the Soprano section and Frances and I in the alto section who have a good grounding with the Choral work we have done. Patricia is also singing with us but now sings with the altos.